Wednesday, 21 February 2018

Time For A Quick One

I have managed to do the camo pattern on the ten Grenadier figures and as the base was designed to look very much like the uniform, I finished them to. This took an age as the work is detailed and takes a lot of effort to get right.

Tuesday, 20 February 2018

The Work (In Pogress) Continues

When I got up this morning I decided that I was going to paint ten of the old Grenadier (now Mirliton) trooper figures. Nice simple figures with an almost standard uniform that even if I do give certain aspects of it a camouflage pattern, should be done by the end of the week.
 Then I picked up the two D&D mimic figures I picked up last week. Then I thought what the hell, I'll do these first. So I did. When you have a small number of essentially similar figures, they are quick and easy to do so I just got on with them. I guess each of them took about an hour to an hour and a half to finish. In the round, and certainly on the tabletop, the look pretty good.
When they were done I went back to the troopers. They have progressed a little bit. All the boots, equipment and uniform are finished. To be honest I haven't made up my mind what I am going to do with the armour and helmet yet although I have an idea (does anyone remember Aliens). Given that a lot of what I am doing is vaguely desert, I think I will go for something like MTP/Multicam. I do like the Copplestone vibe.
These figures have all sorts of potential uses for me. Aside from the standard sci-fi, 2300, Stargrunt, Titansgrave Tomorrow's War ad Traveller, I can see a use for them in other genres. The armour would look pretty good for combat armour for Fallout. They have planned uses in some post apocalypse stuff as well. Maybe even as soldiers in a super hero game.

Monday, 19 February 2018

Starting The Week As I Mean To Go On

My workbench is a bit crowded. This down to me not having a suitable storage solution. Which is down to me not getting to game shows. Normally I would try to get one project put to bed before starting the next one but of late I have been leaving projects with the odd detail needing finish (usually the fluff like shields and based). So the bench stays crowded.

So this morning I decided that whilst I am not completely happy with a lot of things, I would try and clear some space and finish the details off as well as do some final prep some figures before starting painting.

So here we are....

Sunday, 18 February 2018

End Of The Week - Back On Track

For the first time this year I think I am on track with my goal of painting five figures per week. I think I am now actually three figures ahead of my overall weekly goal. Whilst I know five figures a week is not actually that big of a target, I know that on average I can actually meet that and on a good week maybe I can do a little better.

So this week I have added some finishing touches to the chaos cultists I started last week. Whilst they were quiet close to getting done, they do look better for the extra few bits of work I put in.

The Macrocosm Ticks are also finished. Although I have a dozen of them, I quite fancy some more. They make for a nice alien species if fairly deadly looking and I like the way I have done them with vaguely human skin tones and eye colours. These were easy to paint which is why I got a dozen of them done.

Next week's figure painting regimen is still up for debate. I have at the moment no firm ideas. I got these guys the other day. As mimics they generally don't fit in with what I do (I hate D&D) but I thought they would make a nice addition to the collection as the collection as I don't have anything quite like them. Maybe they would do as a construct.

If I don't do these I have half a dozen space dwarves to paint although they need a bit of prep before I can start. Also I have some old grenadier soldier types to paint. These are ready to go and I have already done some work on them so they probably a more realistic project for the week. Of course I might just do something else.

Thursday, 15 February 2018


I sat down to do some painting this afternoon with the intention and the time to finish off what I have been doing this week. Then the dog came in.

Whilst I love my dog, today I am ready to kill her. Every time I closed the door she opened it. Not too bad really part from the fact that with the door open it channels a bone chilling breeze into my work bench. She did this ten times in the course of fifteen minutes.

Then the dog wanted to play. This started with the dog knocking two figures on the floor with her tail. We call her tale "the whip" in my house. I picked them up just in time for her to knock another two on the floor. These two broke. In a way it's my own fault for not putting them at the back of the bench but then I can't easily reach them.

So I took it on the chin and glued them back together. Just as I put the second figure down the dog does it again knocking both arms of the figure. So I gave up. Something was telling me today is not the day to paint.

Tuesday, 13 February 2018

Time For A Quick One

A busy day that is now almost over. I could really do with some sleep round about now but I am determined to keep up with the blogging, at least for a bit.

There has been a little bit of time for painting today. There would have been more but I have almost beaten my personal best steps goal and got pretty close to my highest ever calorie burn. So along with the painting, I am pretty impressed with myself.
 I have two projects on the go that I expect to complete this week for a total of twenty figures. The cultists, that seem to be taking an inordinate amount of time to complete, are pretty close to being finished. The are a couple of colours of ink to go on before I can do the highlighting. Whilst I am feeling a little demotivated around them, they are going to get done this week.
The other twelve are the Macrocosm ticks I started here. I am perhaps a little happier with these although they are literally at the three colour minimum mark at the moment. Although these look pretty easy, there will be a fair amount of highlighting to do on them although they do look pretty good at tabletop distances.

Definitely ready for bed now.

Monday, 12 February 2018


Not the major kind. More the fortunate (ish) coincidence kind. I made a determined effort to get the cultists done today. They are still not quite done and there is a little bit of detailing to be done on them. They would have been finished but I got a little sidetracked. This happened when the spot of paint I was trying to squirt out to touch up spots on a couple of arms became a rather large blob.

I hate waste. So I decided to use the blob for something else. There was probably enough paint to put a flesh base coat down on just about all the faces and hands of the figures I currently have primed. What I did see were a bunch of Macrocosm Immature Ticks. The way they are painted in the webshop gives them a distinctly alien vibe that is very reminiscent of old GW Genestealers. Whilst this is not a bad look I did want something different.

Having a big blob of skin tone paint gave me an idea. Genestealers were part of a life cycle so why not make these creatures part of the lifecycle of something else. So using regular caucasian skin tone was a good place to start with a couple of different colours for a bit of variety. My plan for a while has been to get some more of these. It would be an easy job  to give them some slight variations on the skin tone as well.

Whilst these were brought as an Opfor for the Titansgrave game, I can see a number of uses for them. Using them as a kind of genestealer esque creature has some and that this would probably work for X-Com and just about any post-apocalypse game. I don't really have a firm plan but I can see a number of ways of making this work.

On the plus side these should be a quick and easy paint job. There are a dozen of them so if I finished them by the end of the week I should be ahead of the curve for the first time this year.