Tuesday, 19 September 2017


I have never been a big fan of horses. I got to ride one when I was six or seven and that was alright. At about 10 I was bitten by one and that put me off. Then I was thrown off during a donkey derby. There have been a number of times when I have tried to learn horse riding but I am a big bloke and the horses that I can ride should be drawing carts full of beer barrels.

But I digress. Horses. They are not my favourite thing to paint. I may have mentioned that. Now I have four of them to do before the end of the week and make a start on the riders and he dismounted riders. Still, they are now mostly blocked out and their bodies have been inked up. Just the detailing to go.

Having spent the best part of three days in bed I am starting to come round again. Hopefully I will get a little more done during the week. Tomorrow is looking pretty good and we will see what Thursday at FabLab brings. Sometime in the next few day I should have The Road To Woodbury for THD:AOW. I need to start doing some prep for Zomtober but there is a plan for that too. Hopefully that will mean doing an extra figure each week.

Monday, 18 September 2017

The Opposing Forces

Conflict is the driving force behind most games. This is why games are called Dungeons & Dragons, Tunnels & Trolls, Villains & Vigilantes and Mercenaries, Spies & Private Eyes and not Accountants & Academics. Right now the only real conflict I am interested in is Man vs Flu.

The RPG I was going to start running again (using Savage Worlds) involves fighting the army of a Necromancer (assuming they don't go off at a tangent). This means that I need a bad guy and his allies as well as a force for the good guys. There are no end of fighting types in the boxes upon boxes of figures I posses.

I might be a bit light on cavalry but I doubt this will be a problem as armies tended to be cavalry light if they had any at all. The bad guys, being an undead army, will be mostly skeletons and zombies with a few extras. I might need a few more but I think I have enough. There are a few skeletal cavalry still it bit form in a draw on my desk. I might get round to making them up. I need a few character type figures for the bad guys. The good guys should be easier. I'll still need a few banner men. The heroes will be whatever the characters pick. In the round, these should be easier to get ready. Either way, there should be enough figures to get some testing done later in the week.

eBay has been good to me again, if you can call it that. I have managed to get The Road To Woodbury expansion for The Walking Dead: All Out War for a good price. This will give me a chance to practice the rules and more importantly a chance to have some more figures to paint for Zomtober. Zombie games have been a big thing for me for years. I haven't run a game in ages and I am feeling the urge to run one at the moment.

Sunday, 17 September 2017

End Of The Week + Blurrgh

I. feel terrible. The cold finally hit me hard today and despite the best of intentions, I didn't get much done. The plan had been to finish the five figures I have been working on this week and then do some work on the sabot bases for the wargame I have planned.

Despite being asleep a lot of today I woke up at about 9pm and did some painting. The New Cruelty demands and I have answered the call. To my surprise I have more or less finished all five of them them.One figure needs a shield attaching and some touching up on the shield and another needs a sword painting up. The bases also need a bit of detailing. So in the round, I am calling this a success.They are not going to win awards but the are a good tabletop standard.

What to do for next week? Well I haven't quite decided. My best I have some personality figures to paint which are mounted and unmounted versions of the same figure to work on. So I am thinking I will do the four horses. If I am going to play test this game I need some cavalry figures. I have some plastic Rohan cavalry somewhere but they will need rebasing assuming I can find them so this seems like a good idea.

To finish of the bases will need a lot of wash. I really don't want to use commercially available washing as this will be expensive. I might have a go at making my own. There are a few ways of doing this so I might give them all a try.

Before my mum passed so gave me some storage boxes to save some space. I haven't had the heart to do them until now. To be honest I don't think I have enough to do all I'll need to do so I might have to buy some more. This will give me an excuse to get out of the house but I don't see a chance of this happening over the next few days as I suspect I am going to have a few days of not doing much.

I have gotten hold of a big chunk of greenstuff. There are still a few projects I have in mind for this. Not sure if this is on the horizon in the next week but maybe in the next week or so.Then of course Zomtober is in the offing and there may be some prep for that.

Saturday, 16 September 2017

Bases, Washes And A Need to Clean Up The Workbench

This is going to be a quick post. I am coming down with a bug the kids have given me.Yeah.

The FabLab went okay. I was bounced out a little early so I didn't get all that I was hoping to do.Hopefully the staff will finish off my stuff for me and I will be able to pick it up on Thursday. I still managed to get fifteen plus bases cut and all have been glued, most have been flocked and some have been painted. I should have just about enough to run a game when these are done and there will be enough for multiple options when the rest get finished.

After doing that I finished off a few more details on the figures.The Griping Beast Romano-British are coming along nicely but U am struggling to bring out some of the details of the Northstar Frostgrave figure, Then I moved onto doing the washes. There are still a few details that need to be attended to as well as the highlighting. Hopefully I should get this done for close of play tomorrow.

Zomtober is on the Horizon. ALthough I have missed out fir a couple of years, I have a plan that means that I should be taking part, I git a few minis today just for the purpose of running the game. These are perhaps the most expensive minis (in 28mm anyway) I have purchased in a while.I have primed them today but they should be being started in earnest in the next week or so.

Friday, 15 September 2017


I've said a number of times that I am not a big fan of basing. For me it's pretty much the worst element of figure painting. I should probably put a bit more effort in and then I would probably get better results. Even so, it has become the kind of thing that I do when I can't focus on the details of figure painting.

So today I started something that has been really hard work.  Having glued some bits together for the wargame sabot bases yesterday I have put some texture on them and given them a green base coat. I wanted to get ahead on this because tomorrow I am hoping to come away with a whole load more bases, maybe double the number I already have. My thinking was that if I don't do some of them now, the pile of bases will put me off completely. Now I have enough bases for about one army with a few spares and options. There are fifteen bases done. Mostly they are standard infantry bases but there are a couple for regular cavalry, and one each for heavy cavalry, irregular infantry and smaller monsters.

Hopefully I'll have a duplicate of this set so I can run two armies. With a bit of luck I will also have an odds and sods set with some different base layouts, irregular infantry, larger monsters and even some light artillery.

If the plan goes better than expected I might even have some more regular bases and some larger irregular bases that will do for terrain areas like swamps and woods.

At the end of the day I did get a chance to work on the week's figures. They don't really fit with anything on the horizon but the Arthurian age (Romano British) types are nice minis and the other figure which I think is a Frostgrave captain looks pretty good. I am worried that I have slacked off a bit on these to do the stuff for FabLab. For the most part they now have a base colour and tomorrow I am planning to ink them up and make a start on the highlighting, assuming the extra bases don't get in the way.

Thursday, 14 September 2017

FabLab, Wargames And Bases

Much to my surprise I got to FabLab just about on time. This proved to be a bad thing. Having booked the machine, someone else was using it when I got there and I was told that the time I had wasn't going to happen because they were going to close early. With a bit of targeted complaining I got them to extend the hours but still didn't get what I want done because it took over forty minutes to get the other guy of the machine.

For a while now I have been working on the idea and basics for a Savage Worlds driven wargame. There are a couple of wargame systems available already. The mass battle system in the rules is extremely basic and the Showdown rules won't handle mass battles. So I thought I could find a third way.

The plan calls for about ten to twelve units per side with units ranging from about five to thirty men. In a world where two hundred men might be called an army, this is about right. What I have wanted to do is give the rules a serious play test. I have played them through with digital paper counters and they seemed to work okay. Over the summer I have been thinking about doing it as a miniatures games, I just needed some sabot bases.

As a game it is really an extension of a RPG campaign but like most of my games, I like a mass battle element to them. So I want  a mass battle feel but still have the scope for using individual heroic characters. There are plenty of dark age figures in my collection but they are all based individually as I am primarily a roleplay at the moment. So whatever the rules were going to be would have to take this into account. I also wanted a system that would allow characters to be right up in the action but a bit more, well, wargaming light. The most obvious solution was sabot basing.

Take somewhere between two and six infantry or two or three cavalry figures per base. Make sure that there is some scope for bigger monsters and even light artillery (okay I have two dwarf balistas and I might get one for a Romano-British early saxon army).

I had hoped to walk away with about enough bases for two armies. Time got a bit short but I have still walked away with enough stuff for eighteen bases, admittedly some are not needed at the moment and I could do with a few more leg infantry bases. However, I should have enough of the stuff cut by the close of play on Saturday to make that happen.

A bit of sand, some time, some paint, some wash (maybe make some of my own wash as I am now going to need a lot of it) and a bit of highlighting and that should do me.Time is getting a bit tight to have all this done and finish my figures but I live in hope.

Wednesday, 13 September 2017

Hellishly Busy Day

Not once today have I had a chance to pick up a paintbrush. Come to think of it I haven't even sat at the bench today. There has been a lot going on and to be honest, some of it has been pretty good.

Most of my limited laptop time has been spent doing stuff for fablab tomorrow. I have finished off all the ideas I have for the Viking Wargame and moved on to extra bits and pieces. This is more about basing. A while back I wrote myself, and my players some rules for basing after getting people who wanted to bring their own figures which were on display bases far too big for the 1" grids I use which came on piles of rocks almost doubling the size of the figures concerned. Most of the bases I already have but I figured some of the monster sized bases, especially the double length ones, not only do I not have but can't find. I thought I would try cutting out a swarm base as well and see if that looked any better. Pretty sure that it will and make the bases look a little more even to.

So I am hoping for a bit more basing time in the morning and maybe after I get back from FabLab. I should have a few samples to show as well.